Hotel and Restaurant Cannon D’Oro

Located in the country village of Cocconato d’Asti in Piedmont and into the heart of Monferrato, the historic Restaurant Cannon d’Oro is the ideal and unique place where the old and most important gastronomic traditions of Piedmont still live.

Its culinary art, which started in 1876, and the skill of its chefs, able to associate the typical dishes of the traditional rural cuisine with the refined ones of Piedmont, made the restaurant one of the most significant destination of restoration.

Visiting Cocconato d’Asti and its marvellous country sceneries of Monferrato, it is not only a way to discover the culinary tradition of Piedmont and a high level restoration quality, but also to discover a place where guests and gastronomic tourists can find out a familiar and relaxing hospitality.
Restaurant Cannon d’Oro, furnished with eight rooms, is also a charming and elegant hotel in the Monferrato hills.