Cannon d’Oro Restaurant

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Cannon d’Oro Restaurant, located in the 500-meter-high village of Cocconato d’Asti, was founded in 1876 as a refreshment- inn for foreigners passing the countryside to whom local specialities were offered.

The appreciation on Cannon d’Oro culinary art started to spread among its guests so that, during the first years of last century, also Prince Umberto of Savoy became one of the main habitué. The charm of that age still lives, in fact it is possible to have dinner in the room named Saletta del Principe and also in the close one, which kept the antique furniture of that period and all its ancient fascination.

Today the restaurant owner is Mr. Paolo Tortia, born in 1935 in Cocconato d’Asti. He is a person who in the 50’s learnt on his own all the secrets and the passions of the local culinary art.

Together with his family he is proud of accommodating his guests with the specialities and wines of Piedmontese tradition and to maintain some precious and excellent elements of culinary roots of Monferrato area, such as: Piedmontese mixed fried, Cocconato robiola cheese, bollito the best bovine meat and white truffle.